"A simple process that ANY PERSON
can begin to practice to radically achieve their OPTIMAL SEX LIFE"

No more pain, premature ejaculation, discomfort, sex without orgasms...

Techniques me & my students used to achieve:
  • Full Body Multiple Orgasm
  • ​Ejaculatory, Cervical Orgasm
  • ​Release Pain, Numbness & Discomfort
  • ​De-Armouring
  • ​Connect Emotionally During Sex


"A great guide with practical exercises you can do alone and with your partner."

I have helped people before you

What is your excuse to settle with an ordinary sexlife?

Most people think that there is no way they can achieve their sexual dream. But let me tell you this, whether you deal with premature ejaculation, numbness, pain or anything else, it CAN be fixed! Don't buy into the believe that you can't come without your hands!

What people often do when experiencing one or more of these issues:

  • ​Use creams or pills
  • ​Have unpleasant thoughts to delay ejaculation
  • ​ Have pleasant thoughts to reach climax

...Or simply just settle 

Fix you #1 pain WITHOUT any pills, cream, etc.

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Exclusive access to Facebook group

When you buy the book, you will automatically get access to the group with a link in an email. The group is a community of people that all strive for a better sexlife, and it's a place where you can get help if you have any questions. It is very likely that someone else already have been through what you are getting started with.

Also included:

  • Live Facebook Stream - 1 time per/m I will go live on the group addressing different subjects.
  • Q/A - Got a question? Myself and the community will help you.
  • Free stuff - You will be the first person that I share new findings with. (PDF's, Videos, new book chapters, etc.)

FREE 20 min call with Aaron Michael (Author)

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I want you to get the most out of the book! Whether you are all new to this or experienced, a call where I can help answering some of your questions before starting your journey towards an optimal sexlife, can be very useful. This will put you on a more direct path to your end goal.

"Thanks for the great help, Aaron! I am excited to read your book and it definitely helped me. To start with I am mainly interested in one thing, and this really cleared up the route to that."

A Step-By-Step Guide To Sexual Freedom

Optimal Sexlife is the product of over 2000 hours of coaching sessions given away to professionals (i.e. Susanne Roursgaard, Sanna Sanita, Signe Bentzen, Gry Dagmar, etc.) Who have clients that not only want to overcome sexual pain and trauma but wish to reconnect to the erotic in their lives… to trust in, heal and be empowered by their pleasure potential. 
"This knowledge will not be found in any other textbook."


- The Book -


  • +220 Pages With Practical Exercises & Knowledge
  • +50 Exercises For Men, Women & Couples
  • 69 Detailed Handdrawn, Then Vectorized Illustrations
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