The truth is that you can experience a full spectrum of pleasure, feel at home in your mind and body, re-condition attachment and behavioral patterns in your relationships, and accomplish your goals creatively, guided by full embodiment and powered by your sexual energy.

Sessions are private, unique opportunities to work directly with me, Aaron Michael. We will concentrate on your needs so the whole experience and learning process is tailor suited for you.  

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Do You Ever Wake Up Feeling Disconnected To Your Body?

...or by the time you return home and the evening draws to a close, your sex and lower half of the body are pretty much shut down? 

For some of you, this may be a daily cycle… 

...for some a week, a month, a year or lifetime of numbness, pain or terror around sexually charged encounters.  

Maybe you’ve been told pain and numbness is just the way it is for women when it comes to sex. This is false.

Maybe you’ve been told that “only some women” can have different kinds of orgasms, BUT...’ve been left wondering, “Is that true and why can’t I have that and more?”  


  • Vaginal pain
  • Pain from penetration
  • Vulva pain
  • Emotional pain
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Shame
  • Act specific discomfort (oral sex, anal sex, vaginal penetration)



  • Disconnected to connecting
  • Unaroused to arousal
  • Dry to wet
  • Little or no sensation to exploring full-body sensation
  • Tearful release
  • Vulva, intravaginal pulsing
  • Full body buzzing
  • Accelerated heart rate
  • Raised temperature
  • Full body massage
  • Lightness, joy, vivacity, playfulness



  • State of relaxation
  • Mental peace
  • Safe container
  • Self-paced
  • All emotions accepted
  • Incremental exploration
  • Cervical 
  • Sacred spot
  • Full body, throat, ovary, abdomen, ejaculation
  • ...and all the sensational  subtleties for which there are no words but only sound and synchronicity


Let's Get More Detailed...

Here are some of the main reasons why people come to me for a session. Use this as inspiration for your own desired session. 

Learn Skills, Easy to Implement

“When I give you techniques and skills, they are not for making new habits. but letting go of old ones.”

  • Full body de-armoring and massage (from head to toes)
  • Genital de-armoring intro (throat, stomach, and legs)
  • Vaginal de-armoring intermediate (pain and numbness release)
  • Vaginal de-armoring advanced (pleasure)
  • Cock de-armoring intermediate (external)
  • Cock de-armoring advanced (internal) 
  • Anal de-armoring
  • Orgasmic variety and explorations (via self, other and/or mutual pleasure)
  • Optimal consumption (The Optimal Penetration Practice)
  • A new model for embodying sex
  • Proprioceptive anatomy 101
  • Adult romantic attachment and courtship
  • Sparking attraction in conversation, interaction, relationship, dating, and sexual dynamics
  • Guiding partners without teaching
  • Energetic sex
  • Sexual fitness
  • Moving in bed
  • Self activating your arousal system
  • Tantric wrestling for natural dominance and submission 
  • Affirmations and sovereignty 
  • Consent and confidence
  • Recognition and freedom to claim your wants
  • Taking ownership and enjoyment of your desires

Try online, 1-on-1 coaching with Aaron Michael's attentive ear and like so many others be blown away by the precision of support, advice, and training that he offers. Truly a unique and formative coaching experience that can be implemented immediately for sustainable results.

Online 1-o-1 Coaching

1- hour Coaching


 Relationship/Sex/Dating/ Attraction Advice

Technique Training

An Attentive Ear and Moral Support


Body Work


Yoni/Cock/Anal De-armoring

Full Body Massage

Sound, Voice and Movement

Pain and Pleasure Release

1 Full Day Coaching 


1-1 Coaching

Body Work

Technique Training

Pleasure Optimization

1 Full Day Coaching Couples


1-2 Coaching

Body Work

Technique Training

Partner Coordination

3-Day Intensive Coaching


1-1 and/or 1-2

Technique Training

Optimal State of Pleasure

Relational & Sexual Attachment Re-Patterning

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